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There are 15 possible combinations of 16th notes for a single beat (ignoring the —- empty choice). The combinations of notes are then named a,b,c…m,n,o. We then practice remembering and playing the ‘bigram’ combinations. So just as we practiced chord changes, we now practice rhythm changes. There are 105 combinations in all, once we have those nailed down things should start getting easier.

When I practice, I switch chords every beat. This helps me to recognize the beginning of the patterns and it helps with chord changes (remember if you’re playing 16th notes and you are playing the first and last strums of each beat, at 70bmp, that means you are actually changing chords at 210bpm, so don’t get frustrated if you’re struggling with your chord changes, just pick a selection of chords that work for you at the tempo you are playing at.

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