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Anki is a flashcard tool which incorporates sophisticated research to maximize your study efficiency. You can import public “decks” of flashcards, such as this one.

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as if you made them yourself.

About this Flashcard Deck…

This is a deck I designed to regiment my Classical Music listening. It’s meant to be used like any other deck, only instead of answering a card, one simply listens to the piece of music (on Spotify, Youtube, wherever), and then chooses an answer depending on how familiar it sounds (being conservative, I always choose the smallest interval). The idea is to maintain one’s familiarity with a piece of music, using the same spaced repetition strategy that works for other information. The cards included are generally notable pieces of Classical Music, although there are a few cards that I’ve personally added to deal with some foreign language songs I wanted to be familiar with. No copyrighted material is included.

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